Zibo Quansen Water Purification Technology Co.,Ltd

Quansen was founded in 2013. Since 1997, we named Shangdong Qingshuiyuan have been selling ployacrylamide for papermaking and wastewater treament, then we set up a small factory to develop and produce more products to better serve customers. Now we are cooperating with Qilu Petrochemical Technology Research Institute and Shangdong University of Technology, and have built a modern production plant factory in 2012.Quansen Located in Zhutai Industry Park, Lizi Zone, Zibo City(Chemical Center of

Hot Products

    • Paper Retention and Drainage Aid

      Paper Retention and Drainage Aid

      Paper retention and drainage aid After years of research, Quansen has produced high quality retention and drainage aids, through multivariate polymerization, which can significantly improve the retention effect of paper pulp, and the drainage speed is significantly accelerated, which is 10%...

    • Paper Dispersant Agent

      Paper Dispersant Agent

      High-efficiency Papermaking Dispersant Agent Quansen papersupport ® 9026 paper dispersant agent has low insolubles, superhigh molecular weight and good effection, is popular with the customers. 【working principle】 In the process of paper forming, paper fibers and fillers in pulp are hydrophobic...

    • Municipal Wasterwater Polyacrylamide

      Municipal Wasterwater Polyacrylamide

      Quansen municipal wastewater polyacrylamide with its excellent high molecular weight, dissolved solution to hydrolyze slowly for significant characteristics, widely used in municipal sewage treatment. Application of PAM in municipal wastewater treatment Wasterwater treatment polyacrylamide...