A application problem of retention and filter aid in paper mill

- Feb 18, 2019-

An annual output of 2 million tons of paper mill in Shandong Province recently retention and filtration aid applications, customers reflect one annual output of 200000 tons of little production line in the application of retention and filtration aid, reagent in switching into QUANSAN Papersupport ® 2600 products appear suspended clannishness phenomenon.

After the on-site confirmation by PAM technical experts of the company, the phenomenon of material suspension and agglomeration does occur.And it was confirmed that the reason for the appearance was that the stirring speed of the dissolution was slow when it was dissolved. The manufacturer confirmed that the stirring speed was only 30rpm.When the power PAM is normally dissolved, the speed of dissolution and agitation should be selected according to the molecular weight and dissolved concentration of PAM. If the molecular weight of PAM is less than 7 million, the dissolution concentration is 1/1000, and the stirring speed is normally 80-150rpm. If the dissolved concentration is more than 1/1000, the stirring speed is 120-200rpm.When the molecular weight of powder PAM is higher than 7 million, the dissolution concentration is 1/1000, and the stirring speed is normally 150-250rpm, and the dissolution concentration is higher than 1/1000, and the stirring speed needs to be increased to 200-400rpm.

However, the manufacturer's feedback is that previously used agents do not appear to be floating cluster.After the analysis of the reagent, it was found that the purity of the reagent was 40%, and the molecular weight of the pure product was about 4 million.Therefore, there is no problem in dissolution, but the dosage of a ton of paper reaches 650g, which has a high cost and a large waste, and leads to high salt content in wastewater and higher salt content in recycling water, resulting in quality problems in the use of paper by customers and long-term complaints from customers.

Other production lines using 200 gQUANSENPapersupport ®2600, tons of paper products consumption saving is 15%, wasterwater concentration reduced to 0.2% from 0.28%.Obviously improve production efficiency and production efficiency.