Application of PAM in aluminum ore

- Jun 19, 2019-

Recently, in the application of tailings sewage in an aluminum mine in hubei province, QUANSEN has successfully improved the site effect and saved costs by using the special mining PAM after a lot of experiments.

Zibo QUANSEN mainly produces water treatment polyacrylamide PAM products, which are mainly used in various water treatment, oil field production and environmental protection.

In this field use, we first carried out the laboratory beaker experiment.In sand washing, coal washing and dressing industry such as the selection of PAM, lab beaker experiment is the precondition of must, because each place is different in different soil properties appear different effect, and sand washing, hunan 5 km away from the two sand washing plant, one can only use our 6025, another can only use our 6026, otherwise it would be a significant gap in settling velocity.

After beaker experiment, we used low-molecular weight aluminum ore 6020 for this aluminum mine tailings customer, which is 10 more than the product the customer is using now, and the price is quite the same.


However, after our further experiments, we found a product with better effect, which is shown in the figure. The new 6956 has a faster settlement rate on the right side, while the 6020 with low molecular weight is selected on the left side, and the use of 6956 is reduced by 20% in the further experiments.

Moreover, after repeated shaking, 6956 also shows strong anti-stirring ability.

So, the choice of the site PAM agents we can not only comparing with customers now use drug, is not only the comparison of molecular weight, also not only the degree of ion comparison, more important is some sewage treatment PAM reagent ion degrees or the two ends of the hydrolysis degree of high or low differentiation trend, this time we need to choose the cheap reagents.