China Paper Wasterwater Polyacrylamide suppliers

- Aug 01, 2019-

The content of COD and SS in papermaking wastewater is high and the chroma is serious.The concentration of SS and COD in papermaking wastewater is relatively high, while COD is composed of non-dissolved COD and dissolved COD. Generally, non-dissolved COD accounts for most of the total composition of COD. When SS is removed from the wastewater, most of the non-dissolved COD is removed at the same time.Therefore, the main problem to be solved in waste paper wastewater treatment is to remove SS and COD.

Most SS and most insoluble COD and partially soluble COD and BOD can be removed by adding cationic polyacrylamide by means of air flotation or precipitation.The typical processing process is as follows:


Waste water → screen → catch basin → air floating or precipitation → discharge


Air flotation and precipitation are both physical and chemical treatment methods, and the treatment effect is related to the selected equipment, process parameters, coagulants, etc., the COD removal rate is generally higher than that of pulping water, usually up to 70% ~ 85%.For small and medium-sized papermaking enterprises with low concentration of > 150m3 of paper waste water discharge, the effluent quality index can reach or approach the national discharge standard through air flotation or precipitation treatment.