Development course of water-retaining agent

- Sep 04, 2018-

Drought is a major concern around the world. Since the 50 's, with the rapid development of industry and population explosion, the problem of climate warming and drought has become more and more prominent.

These issues have prompted scientists to start studying effective ways to solve the drought problem. Water absorbent materials used by human beings before the 1950s are mainly natural and inorganic substances. such as natural fiber, natural protein.

In the 50 's, Goodrich developed a cross-linking polyacrylic acid production technology, making absorbent polymers used in thickener. The emergence of super absorbent resins was started in 1961 by the USDA Northern Institute, C,r,russell, and so on from starch grafted acrylonitrile, the water-absorbent resin was initially industrialized successfully in Mr. Henkel AG (Henkelcorporation), whose product was named SGP (starch

Graft polymer), at that time the United States mainly in agriculture as the center of active application, first used in soil improvement, water conservation and drought resistance, breeding seedlings and so on. From the late 60 to the 70 's, the United States starch, General Mills Chemical, Japan Sumitomo Chemical, Sanyo Cheng Industrial and other companies have successfully developed a high water absorbent resin.

The most effective are the United States, Japan, France and Germany.

In the 80 's, the development of super absorbent resin was developed by chemical reaction of other natural compound derivatives, and the application research was promoted. Absorbent composites were produced in the 1980s. Because it can improve the super absorbent resin salt resistance, water absorption rate, water gel strength and many other properties, so rapid development. In recent years, we have begun to study the blending technology of absorbent polymers.

These provide a broader prospect for the development of highly absorbent materials. The research work of China superabsorbent resin started late, starting in the 80 's, nearly 20 units have been studied in the past 20 years, some have been transferred to pilot stage, and there are small batch production. At present, the domestic production capacity of the manufacturers, these production plants are sodium polyacrylate or starch grafted polyacrylic acid sodium, the quality of such products, in addition to the composition itself, mainly with equipment, technology, process related. Foreign imports mainly have Belgian TC (Terra Cottem soil vegetation and Kottem abbreviation), the French SNF Aquasorb water-retaining agent, Germany Stockhau Sen production of Stocksorb water-retaining agent, with the national investment in ecological environment construction increased and attention, Domestic water-absorbent products research, development, production presents a round of climax.