Development trend of Polyacrylamide

- Sep 04, 2018-

The future development of polyacrylamide industry: While the global polyacrylamide market is showing signs of decline in 2009 by the financial crisis, it will gradually pick up in 2011, with a market size of $2.51 billion trillion by 2015.

The main driving force of the market development is the recovery of downstream industries, the profit from the industry environmental policy requirements and product-related technical services, and the rapid growth of emerging markets. In the 2012, the main application fields of polyacrylamide in China are petroleum exploitation, water treatment, papermaking, superabsorbent resin, metallurgy and coal washing etc. Its consumption structure is: Oilfield mining accounted for 81%, water treatment accounted for 9%, papermaking accounted for 5%, mine accounted for 2%, the other accounted for 3%. Petroleum exploitation is the largest consumption field of polyacrylamide in China, and its consumption accounts for 81% of total domestic consumption. Water treatment is the second largest consumption field of polyacrylamide in China, the urban sewage treatment rate of China is less than 30%, the reuse rate of industrial water is 60%, the industrial wastewater treatment ratio is 77%, and the difference is very big compared with the developed countries.

Polyacrylamide as a flocculant in China's urban water treatment and chemical, metallurgy, papermaking, printing and dyeing, sugar, monosodium glutamate, coal, building materials and other industries, the amount of wastewater treatment will continue to increase in high water-absorbent resin, cement enhancer, adhesives, leather retanning agent and other fields.

It is expected that in the 2012-2018 years, the market of polyacrylamide in the four major applications of oil mining, mining, papermaking and water treatment will continue to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 7.2%. In the oil mining industry, polyacrylamide is used in drilling coagulant, also used for three times oil recovery. A three-time oil recovery process must be taken to balance the price. The recovery of drilling and exploration activities will also promote the growth of polyacrylamide consumption.

In the drilling and production process, 3 million-6 million low molecular weight of polyacrylamide can be used as a flocculant-coated agent. The application of polyacrylamide in mining industry is also very extensive, not only can separate minerals and ores, but also can be used as flocculant for wastewater treatment, as well as sealed mining pipelines.

The market demand for cobalt, coal, copper, gold, diamonds and iron ore in South America is also on the rise due to the complex pricing structure, which will boost the growth of the global polyacrylamide market. For the paper industry, polyacrylamide is mainly used as a binder for pulp fibers and additives, or for wastewater treatment. The growth in China, South America, India and other Asia-Pacific markets is encouraging relative to the mature European and North American markets. However, due to the gradual economic development and the impact of the European debt crisis, the growth of paper production slowed down, hindering the development of the polyacrylamide market.

In addition, the paper industry itself, the technical content is not high, the market demand is more stable, which also determines the use of polyacrylamide in the industry can create a limited profit. In addition, polyacrylamide plays an important role in municipal wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment field. Increasingly stringent regulations to promote the development of water treatment industry, municipal wastewater treatment sector not only not affected by the financial crisis, but showed a good growth momentum. New municipal sewage treatment markets have emerged in North Africa, including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, while other countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are also increasing their privatization investments in water treatment.

In the field of industrial wastewater treatment, coal mining and thermal power plant construction provides a huge business space, and the increasing attention to the technology of water reuse is also a market-driven factor. Because Polyacrylamide is a polymer water-soluble polymer, it has good flocculation and can reduce friction resistance between liquids.

In addition to the application of acrylamide in the oil industry, in the sewage treatment industry, the paper industry, the sugar industry, as well as the coal washing and metallurgy industry also has a wide range of applications, below we will specifically introduce the other application areas.

Polyacrylamide for water Treatment: The amide base of polyacrylamide can be bonded and adsorbed with many substances to form hydrogen bonds. The high molecular weight polyacrylamide forms the "bridge" between the adsorbed particles, and the formation of the Flocculation group is advantageous to the particle sinking. Polyacrylamide Flocculant can adapt to a variety of flocculation phenomenon, its dosage is small, high efficiency, the formation of less sludge, post-processing easy, for some cases have special value. In China, the raw water treatment, urban sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment industry are using polyacrylamide as water treatment chemical agent to different degree. Polyacrylamide is the most widely used and most effective polymeric organic synthesis flocculant.