Kitchen Wasterwater Polyacrylamide manufacturers

- Aug 01, 2019-

Kitchen wasterwater refers to the wasterwater formed in the process of processing and consuming food, such as families, restaurants, hotels and canteens, which often contains large amounts of leftovers, expired food, scraps, waste and other wastes. At present, the treatment of kitchen wasterwater is mainly based on household waste landfill after centralized collection. On the one hand, such treatment wastes recyclable resources in kitchen wasterwater, and in addition, the characteristics of kitchen wasterwater with high oil and salt are not suitable for landfill treatment.


After adding flocculant to kitchen wasterwater, sediment was filtered. After being crushed and deodorized, the filter residue is used to make fertilizer. Flocculant composition is special, have the effect of flocculation, can also for the subsequent steps of fertilizer added trace elements, at the same time, on the basis of compost fertilizer after deodorization treatment before composting, the fertilizer fertilizer effect is good, no strong smell. Filtrate let stand for 12 ~ 24 hours later, the collection of the upper oil, lower water discharged after ultraviolet disinfection.