The foam problem of municipal sewage treatment

- May 12, 2019-

A QUANSEN's customer of treatment of municipal sewage reported a problem in the process recently: the water was foaming.To be specific, if the effluent is relatively clear after being dehydrated in a centrifuge after dosing, there will be a lot of foam. If the dosing amount is reduced, the effluent will be turbid and the mud will be slightly thick, but the effluent will not be foamed.


After field engineers of QUANSEN company investigated and compared the selection of other cationic PAM, it was finally found that the company's problems were mainly caused by the high molecular weight of the cationic PAM currently used in urban sewage and the high selection of ion degree.

After replacing a kind of cationic PAM of QUANSEN municipal sewage, the effluent is clear, without foam, and the sludge is dry.