how to improve the effect of the retention and drainage of paper pulp

- Jan 18, 2019-

After years of research, Quansen has produced high quality retention and drainage aids, through multivariate polymerization, which can significantly improve the retention effect of paper pulp, and the drainage speed is significantly accelerated, which is 10% higher than that of ordinary products.



Quansen can provide a wide range of high molecular polymer products. It has broad applicability for fiber and filler. It can improve retention rate of mesh fiberfiller and accessories, save fiber and various additives, increase ash content in paper, improve dewatering efficiency in wire and press section, save steam, improve machine speed, reduce pulp concentration, which helps to maintain good paper evenness, reduce deposits formed in paper machine system due to small components and colloids. Optimize and stabilize overall process operation in wet end. Reduce COD and BOD discharging, bring more economic benefits for customers.

1. Wrapping paper

2. Coated paper

3. Offset paper

4. Newspaper

5. Cardboard

6. Other papers



Pulp and paper chemicals.

 chemical name 

Papersupport® series of solid polymer retention and drainage aid

 chemical composition 

Papersupport® 2600 series cationic polyacrylamide powder solid state, is dedicated for papermaking wet end retention and drainage aid. Papersupport® 2600 series adopts specialized advanced polymer technology, has high product purity, high molecular weight, good water solubility, low insoluble features, for the fiber and bulking ageng has extensive adaptability.


product serie

product name


molecular weight(106

Ion degree%

Dissolution duration(H)

Solid content%



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l Add operation

Papersupport ® 2600 series product requirements first mixture 0.3% concentration of curing solution with water.The preparation of curing solution was made by using automatic/semi-automatic barrel tank type polymer foam dispenser.The mixing type of the dissolution tank requires a soft mode to avoid the influence of the shear force of the polymer chain.Water temperature kept at 15 to 30 is advisable.The curing time is 60 minutes.

The curing solution should not be stored for more than 8 hours. It is recommended to be used with the solution.Before adding the slurry, the curing solution needs to be further diluted to 0.01~0.1%.The dilution operation can be performed online using a static mixer.

l Add site

Adding polymer retention agent point should be close to the cages, but in order to ensure that agents mixed with pulp have plenty of time, to avoid excessive floccules, select add commonly before the pressure screen.Individual paper machines can also be added to the pressure screen due to process conditions.When the agent solution is added to the pulp, it should be uniform, fast and fully dispersed into the slurry.For large pipe diameter slurry conveying pipe, it is recommended to use four points of circular tube.

l Dosage

For the vast majority of pulp and process conditions and the papersupport ® 2600 series reagent adding quantity as follows: 0.10 ~ 0.50 kg/ton of paper.The optimum dosage depends on the actual machine trial and optimization operation.

Please contact our technical service manager for technical questions about the application.


1. Papersupport ® 2600 series of water-soluble polymer, in case of water or liquids of high skid form is formed after soluble in water.Prevent products and their aqueous solutions from spilling onto the floor.If any, should timely use sand, sawdust adsorption, clean it.

2. The product is powder, the operation room should be careful to prevent dust inhalation or adhesion to the body.Wear masks, gloves and overalls to operate according to specifications.

3. Please refer to the safety data manual (MSDS) provided by the company for detailed safety operation guidance.

4. This product and its aqueous solution are not corrosive to the general materials such as stainless steel, plastic, rubber, glass and glass, etc., for the manufacture of tanks, mixers, gauges and pipelines.


1. Improve the retention rate of fiber, packing and auxiliary materials.

2. Save fiber and various additives.

3. Increase the ash in the page and reduce the cost.

4. Improve the dewatering efficiency of the network and press, save steam and improve the speed.

5. Reduce the concentration of online slurry, thus helping to maintain good uniformity of paper.

6. Reduce the paper machine system due to small, colloidal sediments.

7. Balance and stabilize wet part overall process operation.

8. Reduce COD and BOD in effluent from paper machine.

9. Help factories to achieve higher comprehensive economic and social benefits.



     1High and stable product quality
2Varieties of product series
3Customer designed system solutions
4Professional technical service team
5Accumulated experiences of successful application at customer’s side

Quansen provides paper applications polyacrylamide products used as papermaking retention and drainage aids, dispersing agents papermaking fibers, product quality and stability agent, the effect is obvious, can significantly improve paper quality, increase productivity, reduce cost of production, by the paper firms.


The original product shall be kept sealed.Storage environments should be a cool, dry and ventilated, at room temperature for 10 ~ 40 .Special precautions should be taken to prevent product absorption.

In accordance with the specified storage conditions, the original packaging products can be stable for at least 12 months.


25kg composite paper bag /750kg pallet OR customer demand.