Main functions of water-retaining agent

- Sep 04, 2018-

⒈ water conservation, water-retaining agent is not dissolved in waters, but can absorb a lot of its own weight into a hundredfold, water-retaining agent can effectively inhibit the evaporation of water, soil infiltration of water-retaining agent, to a large extent, inhibit the evaporation of moisture, improve the soil saturated water content, reduce the soil saturated conductivity, thereby slowing down the speed of soil discharge

It can reduce the infiltration and loss of soil moisture, achieve the purpose of water retention, and also stimulate the growth and development of crop roots, increase the length of root and the number of bars, and maintain a good growing in arid conditions.

2, to protect the fertilizer, because the water-retaining agent has the role of absorption and storage, so it can be dissolved in the chemical fertilizer, pesticides and other crops needed to grow nutrients fixed therein, to a certain extent, reduce the leaching loss of soluble nutrients, to achieve water saving fertilizer, improve the efficiency of fertilizer use. 3, insulation, water-retaining agent has a good thermal insulation performance, after the application of absorbent, can be used to absorb moisture to maintain part of the daytime light produced by the heat to regulate the night temperature, so that the soil temperature difference between day and night, in the sand loam mixed with 0.1%~0.2% water-retaining agent, the temperature monitoring of 10 cm soil layer shows that

The soil temperature has buffering effect to reduce the temperature difference between day and night to 11~13.5℃, and the soil without water-retaining agent is 11~19.5℃. 4, improve the soil structure, water-retaining agent into the soil, with the swelling and dehydration shrinkage of the regular changes, can make the surrounding soil from compaction to loose, pore enlargement, thus to a certain extent, improve the soil permeability,