Method of QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent

- Jan 17, 2019-

basic method

QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent polymers on soil water and crop growth of related not only  to water absorption and water holding capacity and soil texture, rainfall,  irrigation and crop species and so on.

Dip use retaining agents most commonly used root, seed, soil mixing,  soil-less cultivation, seed sowing, spreading and wait.

( 1 ) Dipping method

This method is used in small size product.

Is the root system of the plants evenly coated with Super absorbent polymer into liquid paste. Dip the root method, mainly in vegetables, flowers and  seedling of naked root transplanting time.

When the vegetable seedlings, as vegetable growing season is shorter, we  can choose the short life of the small particles of water retaining  agent. Specific methods of operation: first transplanting a whole, dig  planting seedlings points in its hole by constant applied phosphate fertilizer  as basal, ready for transplanting seedlings, then dipped in liquid preparation. In  preparation dipped root liquid Shi, to increased dipped root liquid of dip to,  makes root Shang easy hanging Shang more of dipped root liquid, we can will  insurance agent and fine dry soil by must of proportion mixed uniform, then  again according to products of using description by proportion joined water,  insurance agent and water of proportion roughly for 1:300, side added side constantly mixing, makes its full sucking water, mix Hou  static reset 3 hours after water absorption of  Super absorbent polymers, such as a mud paste. Dip roots the roots of  seedlings into the dip solution, roots to try to hang up the dipping liquid, so  it can be planted. Attention when planting seedlings in real land around  the seedlings, seedling roots could maintain close contact with the soil,  planted seedlings time after water flooded. A kilogram of water retaining  agent can handle at least 2000 seedlings. In this way,  you can improve the survival rate of planting seedlings, shorten the slow time.

In a small tree when transplanting, when dipped in liquid preparation of  seedlings of preparation method of the same, only when you select a Super  absorbent polymers, our best selection of potassium polyacrylate, because the  tree grows long, most of the trees rely mainly on natural rainfall, water  supply conditions are relatively poor, so you should use long life, repeated  water-absorbing function of Super absorbent polymers. In addition,  bare-root seedlings for long distance transportation easily lose water, dip in  with Super absorbent polymers, can give seedlings to add water to prevent water  loss in the Middle, improve the survival rate of seedlings. Is in need of  attention, and dipped water absorbent seedling roots had better wrap it with  plastic film, loss prevention is better.

( 2 ) Fertilization method

QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent soil according to a certain proportion of blending, turn  it into ditches or cultivation hole. With soil in order to make water  retaining agent can be evenly distributed around the plant roots, which is  currently the most widely used method, in sowing, planting seedlings, potted  plant planting, planting trees and seedling nursery can be used.

For the short growing season of annual crops, at the time of sowing or planting seedlings, we can choose a type of small particles, probably usage per  acre 3-5 Kg, number of application specific product descriptions that can be  used in accordance with the insurance agent. We take soil, soil can be  directly selected field soil, attention to the fine soil, water retention agent  and soil about 1:20 ratio blended together,  stirring, making it uniform. At the time of application, sprinkle mix the  good QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent on seeding Groove or in the planting hole, and then  applied the base fertilizer, top with a layer of soil after seeding or planting  seedlings and water permeable. After applying this method can reduce more  than half the watering frequency, improving the germination rate and seedling  survival rate, at the same time, slow time significantly reduced. Vegetables,  flowers and other crops when the seedling nursery, Super absorbent polymers and  seedling can be 1:100 ratio mix, put inside a  seedling into seed water permeable.

( 3 ) Seed

QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent polymer seed also called seed or seed coating, it can be  sowing seeds on the surface forming a layer of gel-like protective  coating. Selection of Super absorbent polymers are usually s or m- particle type, or seed  powder. Seed germination rate can be improved, convenient and conducive to  mechanized operations. The specific method is: will mixing flour with  water by 1:100 ratio mix, let stand 3 hours or so, pour the seeds after all become hydrogels full stirring,  mixing evenly, put in the shade stuffy 4-6 hours Can be directly  seeded or dried seeds. Super absorbent polymer seed and seed ratio is  subject to product instructions for use, generally in the 1:500 or so, in maize, for example, each kg of Super absorbent polymers can  be mixing corn seed 500 kg.

( 4 ) Mix fertilizer, fertilizer absorption method

Mix the fertilizer with QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent can also directly. Mixed  with fertilizer use can play a role in water and fertilizer. Operating  method is: first use sprayers-Jet wet fertilizer, water and fertilizer by 1:10 ratio of full mix to make it even attached to each other. Is in  need of attention, do not spray too much water in the fertilizer, so as to  avoid chemical fertilizers knots faster, at the time of sowing plug feeding  tubes if there are knots, used a shovel to smash it. Super absorbent  polymer materials can also be invested in low-concentration solution of water  soluble fertilizers, ensures that the Super absorbent polymer gel absorbs a  certain amount of fertilizer, achieve the goal of sustained-release.

( 5 ) Of soilless culture

Soilless culture substrate for QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent can also be used as , Also known as Crystal mud. It is the main type of polypropylene acid  potassium class, the shape of round granules, irregular-shaped particles,  colors are varied, its products are colorful. Mainly used on ornamental  horticulture, cultivation of flowers with Crystal mud, suitable for display in  the home or Office. Crystal mud of using method is simple, first, selected  good flowers of transparent glass container, take must volume of particles  Crystal mud, will particles Crystal mud with clear blisters 3-4 a hours, all sucking rose Hou, take 2/3 of Crystal mud pour glass  container in the, then will roots flush clean of spent transplant in, last put  remaining of 1/3 Crystal mud poured into the  can. Note containers which do not have too much water, vase placed to  avoid direct sunlight.

( 6 ) With seeds sown below

When the dry season to plant crops, in order to save costs, generally uses QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent polymer seed sown under way, applied to planting trench  (point) of QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent to effectively protect crop seedlings to grow  normally.

( 7 ) Strewn

Generally high cost of strewn QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent can be used in planting  perennial crops and lawns.

Super absorbent polymer  mixed fertilizer to the soil, after absorbing water as the water is released  slowly shrink, expand--contract will form a larger soil spaces, some space  directly connected with the atmosphere and promote water exchange between soil  and atmosphere, the respiration of the roots, but it will also cause some water  loss. Application of QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent in the process of  expansion--contraction will also form a larger gap, but from the voids in the  surface soil interval, weak water exchange with the atmosphere absorb and  maintain, since it could maintain a higher moisture content. Pocketing the  small contact area of water and soil, moisture holding capacity is small and  too concentrated, relatively adequate inhibition of seedling in soil moisture,  can result in poor soil aeration influence growth and survival. Some  people think that applying superior application, the main reason is the  excessive application of local soil moisture affects the normal crop  emergence. Groove effect, pocketing, mixing effects of water retaining  agent on soil depth distributions in different, determines the depth  distribution of water layer in the soil. Application, pocketing over  relatively deep water, applying relatively shallow. Application, pocketing  absorb the moisture and keep not easy losing, applying the more vulnerable, with  many experimental results of the Groove application, cave can increase soil  moisture, promote crop growth are consistent. With spring temperatures of  rebounded, soil water evaporation strongly, West southern coastal, area of soil  easy has salt gathered surface, and tomatoes, crop not resistance salt,  insurance agent can reduced evaporation, effective ease soil salt table set,  for crop growth create a wet and low salt of soil environment, can more long  time of maintained body water balance, keep growth vitality, promote root  growth, and flowering fruit period suitable of soil water is high yield quality  of key.



Suggest dosage

Suitable for crops

The amount of



22.5-75KG/ Acer

Seed dressing, dip roots, groove fertilization


45-75KG/ Acer

Seed dressing, dip roots, groove fertilization


90-450KG/ Acer

Seed dressing, dip roots, groove fertilization


22-60KG/ Acer

Seed dressing, dip roots, groove fertilization


0.1g-0.4g/ Plant

Soil-less cultivation, seed dressing, dip roots, groove fertilization