mineral Polyacrylamide factory

- Aug 20, 2019-


The wettability (hydrophobic or hydrophilic) of water on the surface of various mineral raw materials was selected.Usually refers to foam flotation.Natural hydrophobic minerals are few, often add a collector to pulp, in order to enhance the hydrophobic surface of the mineral;Adding various adjustment agents to improve selectivity;Add foaming agent and aerate, produce bubbles, so that hydrophobic mineral particles attached to the bubbles, floating separation.Flotation is usually able to process materials less than 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, in principle, can separate various mineral raw materials, is one of the most widely used method.Flotation can also be used to separate smelting intermediate products, ions in solution (see) and wastewater treatment.In addition to the use of large flotation machines, there are also some new methods for recovering fine materials (less than 5 ~ 10m).For example, selective flocculation-flotation, in which flocculants are used to selectively form large flocculation groups of certain fine materials, and then flotation (or desilting) is used for separation;Shear flocculation-flotation, high intensity agitation after adding collector, etc., to form flocculation and reflotation of fine minerals, carrier flotation, oil agglomeration flotation, etc.


QUANSEN mineral flocculant is specially used to treat sewage generated in mineral processing, which has the advantages of fast settlement, clean water and low dosage.