Mineral Processing Polyacrylamide Made in China

- Aug 09, 2019-

The application of QUANSEN polyacrylamide in these mineral processing industries can promote the rapid sinking of useful minerals in waste water, or accelerate the concentration of fine materials and improve the filtration efficiency, thus improving the separation effect and production efficiency, reducing tailings loss, reducing costs, protecting the environment and water resources.These are the USES of polyacrylamide in the mineral processing industry.

Application of quansen PAM in ore dressing 

 QUANSEN PAM applied to coal, gold and silver ore, lead-zinc, aluminum, copper and other sectors of polyacrylamide series products, which can effectively promote sedimentation of solid-liquid separation and mineral particles, in favor of tailings sludge dewatering, reduce tailings loss and environmental pollution, increase productivity, reduce production costs.


The role of QUANSEN PAM in ore dressing

Mineral preparation (polyacrylamide for iron, manganese, copper, gold, zinc, aluminium and iron ore dressing, flocculant for mineral dressing) :

It is mainly used in two aspects

1. It is often used in concentrate dewatering, accelerating frame mud sedimentation, purifying backwater and improving the working efficiency of thickener.

2. selective flocculation is adopted for the slurry of fine-grained minerals to change the surface characteristics of the target mineral particles and appropriately increase the size of the particles. Therefore, flocculation precipitation is conducive to separation from gangue.

In addition to coal preparation, there are iron, manganese, copper, gold, zinc and so on. These mine waste water are generally acidic. In general, neutralization method should be adopted to treat this kind of waste water.For example, after the iron ore wastewater is neutralized, the main components of the sludge are ferric oxide Fe(OH)3 and colloid, Ca(OH)2 calcium hydroxide and colloid, Fe(OH)2 ferric oxide particles, and other ions.The treatment of iron ore sludge dewatering with cationic polyacrylamide (cpam) can achieve good results.

In both coal and other metals, polyacrylamide is certainly must use the potions, is also a relatively economic agents, beneficiation process is the process of creating value, polyacrylamide as the use value of the current mainstream flocculant is more and more widely spread, optimizing mineral flocculant is current is also a very important work in the future.

The selection of QUANSEN PAM

Polyacrylamide is a flocculant for water purification. At the same time, polyacrylamide is also a mineral processing assistant, which can speed up the solid-liquid separation in mineral processing wastewater, improve the recovery efficiency and yield of minerals, increase profits, and reduce the pollution of mineral processing wastewater to the environment.There are many mineral processing industries that can use polyacrylamide, including coal, gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, aluminum, uranium, nickel, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, salt, tungsten and many other rare metals.The types of polyacrylamide used are mainly two types: quansen anionic polyacrylamide and non-ionic polypropylene

1. Waste water with simple water quality. Some mineral processing processes add corresponding auxiliary materials, which will lead to complicated water quality

2. The water quality is turbid, and some of the mineral processing sewage water impurities sink fast and the suspended particles are small and do not care about polyacrylamide

So which type of polyacrylamide is more suitable for treating mineral waste

1. Anionic polyacrylamide - more than 90% of customers are using it

2. Non-ionic polyacrylamide - has a good auxiliary effect as a clarifier

3. Cationic polyacrylamide -10% of customers are mainly used for sludge dewatering