One of the secrets you don't know about polyacrylamide flocculant applications is the degree of ion/degree of hydrolysis

- Sep 24, 2019-

As is known to all, polyacrylamide series of products, as an organic flocculant, has a very strong application effect in sewage treatment process, with a small amount, low cost, simple process, easy to use and other significant advantages.

In China at present the flocculant polyacrylamide (PAM) series products have been very mature, because of the application of polyacrylamide series product place very various, across all industries, and places, so to speak, all is the need to use water is involved polyacrylamide, this leads to a number is manufacturer of PAM dealers are geometric multiples, great many of them are specialists in PAM application.Among many manufacturers and dealers, in order to stand out in application and sales among many competitors, we must cooperate with research and development to have a place.

The author has been engaged in the production, sales, research, development and application of polyacrylamide series of products in QUANSEN for 20 years. In order to achieve the best application effect, we must make full efforts in the selection of existing products of flocculant and the development of new products.

The selection of ion degree or hydrolysis degree in field application must be very accurate.The following case analysis

Case one: a subsidiary company of a mining group in western China was treated with tailings wastewater.Selection of all kinds all cannot achieve the best effect, select other companies PAM also cannot achieve the best effect, but the lock PAM reagent for anionic nonionic or 5% of the low hydrolysis degree, in the final by laboratory developed degree of hydrolysis of 2 anion, test in laboratory, the effect is very good, the scene using the same effect is very good, the sludge flocs, water is very clear, and so far no rival medicine can achieve perfect effect is good.

Case two: for the on-site sewage treatment of a paper making group in China, 10% or 15% cationic products are usually used. However, due to the special raw materials used in this site, after the on-site sewage laboratory test, the selection of flocs is not ideal, and the ionic degree of 5% is a little better.Finally, the cationic product with ion degree of 3% was developed by the laboratory, and the result is surprisingly good. So far, there are no competitors. Even if the manufacturer re-invites the bidding every other year, all the suppliers have been using QUANSEN's product.

In short, when we choose the sewage flocculant polyacrylamide agent, other things being equal, some special agents are only slightly different than our normal agents in the degree of hydrolysis or ion, but the effect is very far.

At the same time, when normal agents can not achieve the best effect, we use different molecular weight, different ionic degree or degree of hydrolysis of agents for the ratio, the effect will sometimes achieve perfect.

In the next installment, I will share with you what you don't know about ionic/hydrolytic degree of application of polyacrylamide flocculant part two: how to make the best selection.