Sand Washing Polyacrylamide

- Aug 05, 2019-

Application of Quansen PAM in sand washing

Sand washing wasterwater treatment polyacrylamide is a kind of water containing a certain amount of fine clay particles suspended liquid and mud properties depend on its composition, related to the geological conditions, general characteristics is the color of loess mud appearance, uniform gooey, long time still not stratified, density between 1.2-1.46 (density of sand is 1.6), the sediment content from 20% to 30%, the PH in 6-7.


The long chain of polyacrylamide molecules enables it to bridge between two particles, and accelerating particle deposition is an excellent flocculant.

Quansen anion polyacrylamide is able to successfully dispose of the waste water of the sand washing plant, and its water solubility is good, and can reach very good results, usually only 0.01~10ppm (0.01~10g/m3) can be used.

Low dosage, fast settlement speed and low cost.


Quansen PAM for sand washing wasterwater specification

Anionic PAM

product name


molecular weight(106

Ion degree%

Dissolution duration h)

Solid content%

6000 series

White particle







1.  Quansen polyacrylamide is a  water-soluble polymer, in case of water or liquids of high skid form is formed after soluble in water.Prevent products and their aqueous solutions from spilling onto the floor.If any, should timely use sand, sawdust adsorption, clean it.

2. The product is powder, the operation room should be careful to prevent dust inhalation or adhesion to the body.Wear masks, gloves and overalls to operate according to specifications.

3. Please refer to the safety data manual (MSDS) provided by the company for detailed safety operation guidance.

4. This product and its aqueous solution are not corrosive to the general materials such as stainless steel, plastic, rubber, glass and glass, etc., for the manufacture of tanks, mixers, gauges and pipelines.


The original product shall be kept sealed.Storage environments should be a cool, dry and ventilated, at room temperature for 10 ~ 40 .Special precautions should be taken to prevent product absorption.

In accordance with the specified storage conditions, the original packaging products can be stable for at least 12 months.


25kg composite paper bag /750kg pallet OR customer demand.