secret of sewage treatment flocculant formula

- Sep 18, 2019-

Polyacrylamide PAM, a flocculant used in wastewater treatment, is widely used and its effect is widely recognized.
Due to sewage from various aspects, such as urban sewage, chemical sewage, dyeing sewage, etc., in the process of treatment, it is found that there are many types of drug selection after the field effect is not ideal, such as floc floating, floc is not strong, floc is not pressed mud dry or water wrapped seriously, etc.
Faced with such a situation, people are helpless.
This reason is mostly caused by the equipment or process problems in the field, such as the rotating speed of the mixing equipment, the selection of the mud pressing equipment, the mixing mode of sludge and medicaments, the PH value temperature of sewage, the temperature of sewage and other factors.
At this time, we need to adjust the formulation of the flocculant, the ion degree of cation or anion hydrolysis degree, the molecular weight of different types of high and low mixing ratio, will achieve unexpected results.
In addition, after such agent proportion, competitors cannot judge the type of agent we use, so as to effectively seize customers and avoid unnecessary peer competition.