Selection factor of polyacrylamide flocculant for field use: temperature

- Sep 09, 2019-

QUANSEN recently found that 10 percent more drugs were used at a protein sewage treatment site than in the lab.
Through field investigation and analysis, the relevant conclusions were obtained and the satisfactory solution was successfully provided to the customer, saving the customer 15% in the use of the agent.
Because of the Spiral sludge dewatering machine used in the field and the high concentration of sewage, the low-molecular weight product with medium ionic degree was selected after the comparison test of multiple agents and cation PAM with different ionic degree and molecular weight in the laboratory.
After simulating the real temperature conditions in the field, the laboratory agent selection was carried out again, and it was found that the product of medium ion degree with medium molecular weight should be selected, and the usage of agent PAM was reduced by 15%.
To summarize, for the choice of PAM flocculant, the scene of the need to consider the actual situation, including desliming equipment, reagents and sewage at the time of the reaction equipment and reaction time and stirring speed, the concentration of sewage, and so on, of course, the influence of the temperature of the wastewater is also an important factor, for anion agents is not very obvious, of course, for cationic PAM is very obvious.