Stone Wasterwater PAM Made in China

- Aug 20, 2019-

Engaged in the production and processing of marble semi-finished products, the main processing process is cutting and polishing.Marble processing technology in addition to some manual edge grinding for dry work, the rest of the grinding and cutting are wet work.The raw material is rough marble, and the raw material is cut according to the actual size required by the site after entering the site. The cutting method is infrared cutting and hand cutting, and then the cut marble material is processed by hand saw, automatic edge grinding machine and other equipment, and the finished product is packaged.

A large amount of waste water will be produced in the process of processing. The waste water contains stone powder and SS is very high.The stone waste water passes through the secondary sedimentation tank, and the sewage can naturally precipitate part of it, and the supernatant can be used for the wet grinding process.But the colloid in the water cannot precipitate.Marble processing water requirements for water quality is low, so the general use of circulating water, the bottom of the sedimentation tank stone powder sediment can be dehydrated.

Stone waste water treatment process of marble processing adopts plate and frame filter press to dehydrate stone powder sediment.

Principle of stone waste water treatment technology for marble processing

1. Due to the high density of sludge, most of which are precipitated silica calcium carbonate powder, ordinary sludge pump cannot work at all, so it is very important to choose a sludge pump with strong power and wear resistance.Special wear-resistant sludge pump is used in the marble processing stone wastewater treatment process, which can guarantee the normal pumping of sludge and guarantee the service life of the pump, reduce the use cost and time of delay.

2, because stone wastewater are large water water, large amount of sludge and sticky, so choose the appropriate technology of dehydration is the key to the device, stone sewage treatment facilities according to different customers different water, has the dehydration effect is good, cover an area of an area small, dehydration with high efficiency, high degree of automation advantages,stone wasterwater is the best choice for wastewater treatment.

Advantages of marble processing stone wastewater treatment technology:

1. Good dehydration effect. The sludge dehydrated by this equipment can be directly loaded into the vehicle for outward transportation without considering the problem of dripping water.

2, high degree of automation, no need to watch, only a part-time staff to check regularly.

3. The sewage can be reused for treatment, which truly meets the zero discharge standard of environmental protection requirements.

4. The installation of equipment is flexible, and the installation can be made according to the site conditions of customers to reduce the floor space for customers.

5. Reasonable equipment design, no wearing parts and long service life.

In processing stone sewage process, because of the large stone water, so the need for processing speed is fast, and the need for advanced processing stone need better water quality, so the production of water treatment is not good to rely on a separate time for settlement of choice, to choose QUANSEN stone wastewater flocculants sludge settlement effectively, improve the efficiency of dehydration.