The amount of polyacrylamide dosing

- Sep 04, 2018-

The amount of polyacrylamide dosing to be clarified as the standard solution, the amount of addition, too much not only effect is not obvious, and cause the consumption increase, at the same time affect the ability of leaf filter.

Liquid polyacrylamide preparation concentration should not be too high, too high, the polyacrylamide and alkali water mixed uneven, polyacrylamide hydrolysis reaction is not sufficient, affecting the flocculation effect. The amount of polyacrylamide dosing is mainly based on the amount of dissolved red mud and settlement effect, the amount of the corresponding polyacrylamide dosage will increase, but the way of preparation of polyacrylamide settlement effect is greater, the use of reasonable preparation method can improve the settlement effect, but also greatly reduce the consumption of polyacrylamide, It is helpful to improve the passing capacity of sedimentation system.