the second secret about the ionicity of polyacrylamide flocculant applications

- Sep 28, 2019-

As a kind of auxiliary agent, polyacrylamide has a wide range of applications. As an organic flocculant, its application effect is more significant than that of an inorganic flocculant.
In the use of polyacrylamide, the choice of ionic degree or hydrolysis degree is very important. Last time, I gave an example of low ionic degree with small difference but significant effect.
1. Often, we will encounter some sewage with good flocculation, and all of them can produce effects when selecting several agents. However, we will find that both anions and cations can produce effects, and the effects are not much different.
The premise is that we must carry out a variety of laboratory selection, do not ignore ionic.
2. When selecting the type of laboratory, we will find that the effect is very good, but the site effect will be compromised. After analysis, we will find that the problem is actually the choice of ion degree or hydrolysis degree.
Due to the equipment problems on site, the stirring speed of the dissolving equipment, the dissolving time, the treatment method, the mixing time of the medicament and sewage, the dehydration equipment, etc.
For example, agents with high degree of hydrolysis usually have better effect on the agglomeration of flocculated sludge.
Case: after the selection of various cationic products in the laboratory, cationic products with a ionic degree of 30% and high molecular weight were used for wastewater treatment in a site affiliated to a chemical group in China, but the effect was not ideal, and the treated water could not be very clear.
In view of our products with high molecular weight and low degree of ion when test in the laboratory of low molecular weight products can also be effective, so the ratio of reagents, adding 10% of low molecular weight cationic ion degrees, found the effect is quite good, the sludge flocs, water is very clear, and so far no rival medicine can achieve perfect effect is good.
The application of PAM(polyacrylamide) flocculation is a very complicated problem, which is closely related to the properties of agents, the process and equipment on site.
You need to accumulate experience to be able to use it freely.