BASF Visit Quansen Factory For Superabsorbent

- Nov 14, 2018-

German customer BASF responsible for global agricultural procurement experts visit Quansen company today for a cooperative, China and Germany in the water-retaining/superabsorbent agent production technology, production equipment, product application, market prospects, and other aspects make  a full discussions.

BASF of Germany made a comparison of the application of various water-retaining agents in China, and finally determined that Quansen's water-retaining agents were very consistent with their requirements.The two sides reached a preliminary cooperation agreement in September, and today a group of BASF water-retaining agent global procurement experts and others visited Quansen factory for a field visit.The two sides had in-depth communication on the cooperation and said that a final cooperation agreement could be reached as soon as possible.

With the improvement of quality and service of Quansen polyacrylamide series products, Quansen has won more and more praise and cooperation from international and domestic customers. We believe that Quansen's production and research and development in PAM will be better and better with quality and service and products supplemented by price advantage.