Quansen New Water-retaining/superabsorbent Agent Was Successfully Produced

- Nov 21, 2018-

Quansen new superabsorbent agent was successfully produced.


The main functions of superabsorbent agents are as follows:

1. Retent water, superabsorbent agent does not dissolve in water, but can absorb quite into one hundred times its weight of water, superabsorbent agent can effectively inhibit the evaporation, infiltration in the soil superabsorbent agent, to a great extent, inhibit the evaporation, to improve the soil saturated water content, reduce the soil saturated hydraulic conductivity, slowing the speed of soil to release water, reduce the loss of the soil water infiltration and achieve the goal of water, also can stimulate crop root growth and development, increase the length of root, the number increased, have maintained good growth under drought condition.

2. Fertilizer conservation. Since superabsorbent agent can absorb and retain water content, it can fix the nutrients that are dissolved in water, such as fertilizers and pesticides, etc. needed for the growth of crops.

3, Heat preservation, superabsorbent agent has good heat preservation performance, application of super absorbent polymers, can absorb moisture to keep the heat energy produced is part of the light during the day night temperature regulation, make the soil decrease temperature gap between day and night, in the sandy loam mixed with 0.1% ~ 0.2% of superabsorbent agent, to 10 cm soil temperature monitoring shows that have a buffer effect on soil temperature, reduce temperature difference between day and night from 11 to 13.5 ℃, and no water retention agent soil from 11 to 19.5 ℃.

4. Improve the soil structure and apply superabsorbent agent into the soil. With the regular changes of water absorption expansion and water loss contraction, the surrounding soil will change from compactness to loose and the pores will increase, thus improving the soil permeability to a certain extent.

Zibo quansen water purification technology CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of superabsorbent agent.

Recently, after continuous efforts, QUANSEN developed a new water-retaining agent, which uses grafted acrylic acid salt - grafted acrylic salt.

The new superabsorbent agent can absorb water at 50--70 times in 0.9% brine and 160--180 times under pressure of 0.3kg.The rate of water absorption is relatively fast, and the laboratory experiment shows that at the temperature of 20 degrees, the salt water absorption reaches 130 times in the first five minutes, and reaches the highest in about 15 minutes.

At the same time, under the condition of 18 to 20 degrees temperature and 30 to 42 percent humidity in Zibo area of Shandong province (the area is subject to little rainfall all year round), the water retention effect of the superabsorbent agent was tested for 30 days.For 30 days, the water retention rate of the superabsorbent agent is 56-60%, and that of the soil is 35-42%.

After 360 minutes at 60 degrees under the constant temperature oven, the water-retaining agent's water-retaining performance was tested at 83-88%, indicating that the superabsorbent agent's performance was higher than the temperature. At the same time, repeated water absorption experiment was carried out, and the water retaining agent could still reach 150--180 times after repeated water absorption for 30 times.

This new superabsorbent agent is different from the current common water-retaining agent of acrylamide-acrylate copolymer and starch grafted acrylate copolymer copolymer, and the potassium content is up to 34-36%. It can provide enough nutrition for plants, and it is gradually absorbed by plants to reach seedling strength.It is of great significance to improve soil structure.