Quansen PAM Price Information

- Nov 16, 2018-

The price of acrylamide, the main raw material of PAM, began to fall as the domestic acrylonitrile in China started a new round of price cut in the past two weeks.In order to timely follow up the market and consider the interests of new and old customers, QUANSEN started another round of price adjustment.

"Although SNF, BASF and other international PAM big producers did not reduce the price, but we are still considering the coexistence with the interests of the customer, decided to begin from November 18, 2018, PAM price adjustments, the price $100 per ton, include our papermaking retention agent, paper dispersants, agriculture superabsorbent, as well as ordinary anionic, cationic and nonionic PAM."Mr. Wang QUANSEN CEO in the Product Price Reduction Notification said.IMG_1341_副本

QUANSEN has always been committed to coexisting with the interests of the majority of customers, and thoroughly solving the problem of cost for customers, which is one of our purposes and conditions for development.