Quansen Win The 2018 Zibo High-tech Award

- Jan 22, 2019-

Congratulations to Zibo Quansen Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. for winning the 2018 Zibo high-tech award.

Zibo Quansen has been engaged in the development and research of water treatment agents polyacrylamide series products, the current products reach the advanced level at home and abroad, in many terminal applications, to the extent that many of the international peer company products can not be replaced.

Zibo Quansen Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. main products of the papermaking retention agent and dispersant is mainly used in papermaking pulp in the process of making paper processing, water retention(superabsorbent) agent is mainly used in environmental treatment, water retent of crops. And cationic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide and nonionic polyacrylamide and amphoteric polyacrylamide is mainly used in sewage treatment of pharmaceutical, chemical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, animal husbandry, papermaking, pesticides, oil, mining, coal washing, and other industries.