Structure Analysis Of Polyacrylamide

- Sep 04, 2018-

Application: Oil exploitation is the largest area of Pam consumption in China, and its consumption accounts for 56% of total domestic demand. Many large oilfields in China, such as Daqing, Shengli, Zhongyuan, Huabei, Liaohe, Dagang, etc. have entered the middle and late stage of mining, in order to stabilize the output of oil field generally use 3 times oil recovery technology. The polymer flooding technology has been widely applied in Daqing oilfield, and the polymer flooding test has been carried out in Shengli and Liaohe oilfield, and good oil-increasing effect has been obtained. Water treatment is the second largest consumer area of Pam, which accounted for 26% of total consumption in 2012. Due to cost factors, 2013 applications are not widespread. In urban wastewater treatment, Pam is mainly used for sludge dewatering, and a small portion is used for wastewater clarification. In the next few years, Pam will be used as flocculant in most urban wastewater treatment plants. Pam is used in the paper industry as a flocculant for retention agents, dry enhancers and wastewater treatment. China is the paper production and consumption of large countries, paper production ranked 3rd in the world, the actual consumption of paper products ranked 2nd in the world, the demand for papermaking auxiliaries is very strong.

In addition, Pam has been used in mining, metallurgy, coal, superabsorbent resins, adhesives, leather retanning agents and other fields.

Production: Because Pam is mainly used in oilfield enterprises, petrochemical enterprises become the main force of production Pam, the introduction of PAM production line itself high cost, Pam high market price and the strength of petrochemical enterprises decided to become the main production of Pam. The United States, Japan, and Europe are the main producers and consumers of Pam, whose production capacity accounts for about 85% of the world's total production capacity. The main producers of Pam in foreign countries are the United States, specialty chemicals company, American Chemical Company, Cyanogen Amine Company, Marathon Oil company, the company, Japan's polyacrylamide company, chemical Company, Mitsui Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Arakawa, Harimo company, British Steam Specialty Chemicals company, France SNF Company, Germany's Stochhau company, the company, Bath company and the Finnish Dorset company. The development of Pam products in China began in the late 1950s, 1962, the earliest production plant of polyacrylamide in China is Shengli oilfield, Shandong Liaocheng North Jia Hui also along with it, the production of water sol products.

At present, domestic manufacturers have more than 100.

Products: Domestic production technology Because of the reasons, the general use of intermittent production process, energy consumption, low efficiency, high cost, which limits the development of its varieties, the main varieties of the domestic Pam is dry powder and colloid, but also a very small part of the emulsion, and not as foreign as there are emulsion, suspension emulsion, powder and spherical and other forms. Foreign patent-based products, including cationic Pam products accounted for more than 50%, and the corresponding lack of China, mainly by imports to solve.