The Method Of Adding Drugs To Polyacrylamide

- Sep 04, 2018-

Dosing method of Medicament:

The dosing of the medicament with gravity and pressure to add, no matter what kind of dosing method, from the dissolved pool to the solution pool, to the liquid dosing, should be set up the liquid lifting equipment, commonly used liquid lifting equipment is metering pump and water injection.

1. Gravity Dosing

Using gravity to add the medicament to the water pump suction pipe or suction mouth of the water-absorbing mouth, the use of water pump impeller mixing.

2. Pressure dosing

The use of pumps or water pump to add the medicament to the original water pipe, suitable for adding the medicament to the pressure pipe, or need to be added to the higher elevation, far away from the water purification structure.

3. Pump dosing

Pump dosing is in the solution tank to upgrade the liquid to the pressure tube, there is a direct use of metering pump and the use of acid to enhance the role. Polyacrylamide before use generally need to prepare 0.1%~0.5% dilution solution to spare, the preparation of a good solution should not be stored for a long time to use, The concentration range of the solution before use also need to dilute into a 0.01~0.05 solution, the reason is that can be more in the dispersion of the flocculant in the suspension system, can reduce the dosage, and can achieve better flocculation effect!