The Process Of Polyacrylamide

- Sep 04, 2018-

This project uses the combination process of hydrolytic acidification + coagulation precipitation (polyacrylamide pam) + Ionic oxidation +abr+sbr: Process effect analysis of the processing effect of each unit from table 1 The results show that the water quality of the wastewater has been greatly improved after the treatment of each treatment unit. Main pollutants BOD5 = 30mg/l, CODCr = 150mg/l, nh3-n = 25mg/l, AOX = 500mg/l. The indicators are in full compliance with the National Emission Standard (gb8978-1996) level two standard. The removal of ABR pool and SBR Pond was most significant, and the CODCR and BOD5 were removed, ABR were 50%, SBR was 91% and 86 respectively. 7%. The removal of AOX by two ponds is also ideal, which embodies the applicability of ABR-SBR combined process to the pharmaceutical wastewater of the company.