Enhanced Oil Recovery Polyacrylamide

Enhanced Oil Recovery Polyacrylamide

QUANSEN PAM series of products are widely used in oil fields. By means of multiple polymerization and the introduction of sulfonyl, etc., the products show excellent performance of salt resistance and temperature resistance in oil fields. Application of quansen PAM in oil field 1. Oil field...

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QUANSEN PAM series of products are widely used in oil fields. By means of multiple polymerization and the introduction of sulfonyl, etc., the products show excellent performance of salt resistance and temperature resistance in oil fields.



Application of quansen PAM in oil field

1. Oil field profile control and water shutoff. When the non-homogeneity of oil profile is serious, water flooding will occur.The essence of profile control and water shutoff is to change the seepage state of water in the stratum so as to reduce oilfield water production, maintain formation energy and improve the ultimate oil recovery.

2. As the oil displacement agent, the oil displacement mechanism of the polymer is because the viscosity of the polymer aqueous solution is much greater than that of water, which increases the viscosity of the injector and reduces the water phase permeability, thus improving the oil recovery efficiency.

3. Mud viscosity enhancer and mud viscosity enhancer can be used in low solid phase drilling to improve the viscosity of drilling fluid and control the rheological property of drilling fluid, prevent well leakage and collapse and improve the carrying capacity of drilling fluid.

4. Increase crude oil recovery rate, mainly used as oil flooding agent and thickening agent in oil production.

5. In oilfield wastewater treatment, polyacrylamide and its derivatives are important synthetic organic polymer flocculants.Compared with traditional inorganic flocculant, polyacrylamide has many advantages, such as more varieties, higher flocculation efficiency and less sludge.



Principle of oil displacement by polyacrylamide

The basic principle of oil displacement of polyacrylamide is to increase the flow ratio of oil and water in the reservoir by improving the viscosity of the injected fluid, and to achieve the purpose of expanding the volume of the oil. The recovery factor of reservoir is the product of sweep efficiency and oil washing efficiency. The higher the sweep efficiency or the washing efficiency, the higher the recovery rate. Improve the mobility ratio, enlarge the sweep volume.

Polyacrylamide flooding is a two-phase flow of crude oil and PAM solution, and the mobility ratio(M) is the ratio of water mobility to oil fluidity. The mobility of a fluid is the ratio of the fluid permeability to the viscosity of the fluid. When the flow rate is less than M, the flow capacity of the oil is stronger than that of water, and the effect of water is better. If the flow rate is more than M, the flow capacity of water is stronger than that of oil, and the more easily flowing water will pass through the oil layer, and most of the crude oil will be left in the oil layer. Therefore, even under homogeneous reservoir conditions, if the mobility ratio is not appropriate, the sweep efficiency may be very low.

The addition of polyacrylamide can increase the viscosity of the water phase and reduce the permeability of water, which makes the flow rate lower than M, thus increasing the sweep of the displacement fluid. Flow resistance of increasing displacement phase.Because of the heterogeneity of the reservoir, PAM solution is preferentially flowing to the high permeability reservoir. In the flow process of PAM, on the one hand, the viscosity of the displacement fluid increased and the flow through the partial permeability was reduced. This comprehensive effect first increased the flow resistance of the displacement fluid in the high permeability area of the reservoir and increased the efficiency of the wave. Residual drag coefficient is defined as the ratio of water flow before and after polymer injection, which can also be expressed as the ratio of permeability of brine before and after polymer injection.

The residual resistance coefficient of polyacrylamide is often larger than its viscosity, which indicates that polyacrylamide increases the viscosity of the solution and reduces the effective permeability of water, thus reducing the flow of water. The decrease in permeability is still partially retained after the polymer flooding with salt water flooding.
The viscoelasticity of polymer solution has a great influence on the velocity field, stress field and pressure field of fluid in the blind end. The greater the viscoelasticity of the fluid, the greater the velocity and stress in the blind end, the greater the sweep depth of the fluid in the blind end, which is conducive to improving the displacement efficiency of residual oil.



QUANSEN PAM for oilfield

As a kind of multifunctional additive, quansen polyacrylamide is widely used in oil field

1. In the drilling process, it is used to add toner, stabilizer and sedimentation flocculation of mud to improve the rheological properties of mud;It can improve the size of suspended particles, improve the levitation force and accelerate the filtration and separation of crude oil.

2. As the soil structure molding agent, it can improve the impact resistance performance of the surface of the borehole, and the drilling can achieve efficient separation effect through the non-dispersive slurry when drilling through the opening layer.The partial hydrolytic reaction of polyacrylamide with formaldehyde and glyoxal to produce the products containing methyl in the side chain can obtain satisfactory results in crude oil production.

3. Injecting PAM into brine during secondary oil recovery can improve the injection capacity of brine and effectively extract crude oil from the porous rock surface.Adding PAM to the emulsion can obviously reduce the viscosity of the emulsion.In addition, the water content on the surface of oil tank can be reduced and the cost of adoption can be reduced.In petroleum exploitation, the viscosity of human water can be increased, and the oil recovery rate can be improved.

4. In the third oil recovery, it is used as thickening agent to increase oil displacement capacity and improve oil bed recovery effect.In the field of oil field, the renewed negative and cationic PAM can be used to protect the injector's groundwater from penetrating holes and condensing to recover crude oil, improve the economy of oil production and control the water mixing into the reservoir.

5. In addition.PAM is also used in fracturing fluid additives, lubricants, drag reducing agents.In oilfield chemistry, PAM is a versatile additive, such as drilling fluid, well cleaning fluid, water injection and oil recovery.By using PAM linear macromolecular structure, it is easy to grow in line according to flow direction and inhibit the development of turbulence.PAM can be an ideal material for anti-friction agent. If 0.1 LMG/L(crude oil amount) PAM is added in long-distance pipeline transportation of crude oil, it can greatly reduce crude oil transportation resistance and thus reduce energy consumption.

Quansen PAM specification

product   name


molecular   weight(106

Ion   degree(%)

Dissolution   duration (h)

Solid   content(%)

6000 series

White   particle





4000   series

White   particle







1.  Quansen polyacrylamide is a  water-soluble polymer, in case of water or liquids of high skid form is formed after soluble in water.Prevent products and their aqueous solutions from spilling onto the floor.If any, should timely use sand, sawdust adsorption, clean it.

2. The product is powder, the operation room should be careful to prevent dust inhalation or adhesion to the body.Wear masks, gloves and overalls to operate according to specifications.

3. Please refer to the safety data manual (MSDS) provided by the company for detailed safety operation guidance.

4. This product and its aqueous solution are not corrosive to the general materials such as stainless steel, plastic, rubber, glass and glass, etc., for the manufacture of tanks, mixers, gauges and pipelines.


The original product shall be kept sealed.Storage environments should be a cool, dry and ventilated, at room temperature for 10 ~ 40 ℃.Special precautions should be taken to prevent product absorption.

In accordance with the specified storage conditions, the original packaging products can be stable for at least 12 months.


25kg composite paper bag /750kg pallet OR customer demand.

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