Chemical Wastewater Polyacrylamide

Chemical Wastewater Polyacrylamide

Quansen chemical polyacrylamide purification technology expert team to focus on all the year round the dirt in different industries with polyacrylamide type water purification, water purification and pollution according to the actual situation of users constantly develop and produce all kinds of...

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Quansen chemical polyacrylamide purification technology expert team to focus on all the year round the dirt in different industries with polyacrylamide type water purification, water purification and pollution according to the actual situation of users constantly develop and produce all kinds of professional water purification with polyacrylamide, offers a variety of sludge dewatering drugs (cationic polyacrylamide) option.Main products are: special system of the polyacrylamide, sewage treatment plant to purify the PAM, polypropylene acyl for paper mills, a special dyeing polypropylene acyl, PAM for oil field, coal washery polyacrylamide, industrial wastewater purification dedicated PAM, price and molecular weight of polyacrylamide, low toxicity, instant sexual aspects have with foreign products completely equal or more than foreign products, suitable for the specific process equipment requirements, help customers to optimize the processing indexes, on the premise of honesty, service first and do pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.


 Chemical Wastewater Treatment Polyacrylamide

characteristics of chemical wastewater

Chemical wastewater is the most complex in the treatment, and its water quality varies greatly according to the chemical products produced. From the overall industrial situation of chemical wastewater, chemicalwastewater has the following five characteristics:

1. The complex water quality composition, multiple by-products, and the reactive raw materials are usually solvent-like substances or compounds with ring structure, which increase the difficulty of wastewater treatment;

2. The high content of pollutants in the waste water is caused by the incomplete reaction of raw materials and the entry of raw materials or a large number of solvent media used in the production into the waste water system;



chemical wastewater treatment technology

For general chemical wastewater sludge concentration and dehydration polyacrylamide models, cationic polyacrylamide products can quickly achieve ideal results in sludge dewatering, and the water quality is clear.

The most common chemical wastewater treatment technology:

1. Common physical methods include filtration, gravity precipitation and air flotation.

2. Chemical method is to use chemical reaction to remove organic matters and inorganic impurities in water.

3. Biological method is a process of degradation and transformation of organic matter by the metabolic action of microorganisms.

4. Physical and chemical methods commonly used in chemical wastewater treatment include: ion exchange, extraction, membrane separation and adsorption.


common general process of chemical wastewater treatment

The workshop produces wastewater into the adjustment tank to adjust the water quality, and is pumped into the reaction tank through NO1 pump to coagulate the dosing reaction, so that the agent can be fully mixed with the waste water.After entering the primary sink to separate the mud and water.The effluent from the initial sedimentation tank is pumped by NO.2 pump into the anaerobic tank. The pulse device is used to distribute the water and stir up the sludge in the tank under the hydraulic impact to fully mix the muddy water. Anaerobic effluent flows into the aerobic pool and is degraded by aerobic bacteria to absorb organic pollutants so that the waste water can be purified and close to or meet the discharge requirements.The aerobic pond effluent enters the second sedimentation basin for mud separation and the supernatant liquid flows into the final sedimentation basin.The sludge deposited in the secondary sedimentation tank is pumped back to the anaerobic and aerobic tanks by the backflow pump to replenish the sludge concentration in the tank. Residual sludge is discharged into the sludge concentration tank together with the physicochemical sludge.The concentrated sludge is adjusted by sludge conditioner and then pressed in the filter press.

Is the most common in the sludge conditioner cationic polyacrylamide products, cationic polyacrylamide type is more, different ionic cationic polyacrylamide used field have very big distinction, polyacrylamide selection experiments, the best in the treatment of chemical sludge treatment is most commonly used strong cationic polyacrylamide, squeeze dewatering sludge sinotrans disposal by the owner, after filtrate flow back to adjust pool, to deal with wastewater.



Polyacrylamide For Chemical Wastewater Treatment In Quansen PAM

1. Good water-solubility. It can be completely dissolved in cold water. 

2. If a small amount of cationic polyacrylamide is added, great flocculation effect can be achieved.Generally, only 0.01~10ppm (0.01~10g/m3) can be added to play a full role. 

3. The use of cationic polyacrylamide products and inorganic flocculant (polymerization ferric sulfate, polymerization aluminum chloride, iron salt, etc.) can show greater effect. 


QUANSEN polyacrylamide functions

1. Clarification and purification; 

2. Sedimentation facilitation; 

3. Filtration promotion effect; 

4. Thickening and other functions; 

5. Can fully meet the requirements of various fields in waste liquid treatment, sludge concentration and dehydration, mineral dressing, coal washing and paper making.


According to the characteristics of pharmaceutical wasterwater, Quansen cationic polyacrylamide is better.   

product name


molecular weight(106)

Ion degree(%)

Dissolution duration (h)  

Solid content(%)

7000 series

White particle





For the special condition, should use quansen nonionic polyacrylamide.

product name


Molecular weight

Dissolution duration (h)

Solid content(%)


White particle






1. Quansen pharmaceutical wasterwater polyacrylamide is powder, it is easy to dissolve if touch with water, The splashes of the product hit or mix with water to make the surface extremely smooth, try to collect all the residue.

2. This product and its aqueous solution are not corrosive to the general materials such as stainless steel, plastic, rubber, glass and glass, etc., for the manufacture of tanks, mixers, gauges and pipelines.


The original product shall be kept sealed.Storage environments should be a cool, dry and ventilated, at room temperature for 10 ~ 40 ℃.Special precautions should be taken to prevent product absorption.

In accordance with the specified storage conditions, the original packaging products can be stable for at least 12 months.


25kg composite paper bag /750kg pallet OR customer demand.

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